The world has changed. In less than 14 days all of our lives are irrevocably headed in some new direction. I remember the feeling after 9/11--that unbelievable shock and sadness and how even after we returned to our normal lives, everything was different from that point on. Things are going to be very different from '20 on. We've been forced to "work from home" which will inevitably change working and interaction. I read an article that said the handshake wouldn't survive this. As a teacher, online instruction, I predict, will become a massive part of the new norm. As an artist, this is a scary, isolated wake up call for all of us.

For me, I have been forced to look into the mirror--as an artist and as a person. Being "too busy" is often such an easy excuse to not deal with the things in life that need to be dealt with. Cleaning up that room. Calling that person to talk. Reading that book. Writing that song. Working on that thing you've needed to get better at. Updating your website (with thanks to Rick Finkelstein Artistry). Starting a podcast with your wife. It goes on and on. This has been a serious time of introspection for me, as an artist, as someone who desperately loves music and thrives on playing with other musicians and wants to be better. I accept the challenge--to practice with more intensity. To write more music than ever. To listen to things I've never listened to. To record myself everyday and listen back to what I need to work on. This was part of my YouTube initiative. If you visit my YouTube channel, you'll see one video posted everyday of me playing solo bass--so that I listen and continue to hone my craft. I decided to do this everyday until I get to play another gig. I've also kicked around the idea of writing and recording a solo album here at home during this crazy time that I'm going to dive into next. I imagine that this is just a part of the new normal. I can see many great musicians making great music on the other side of this thing, whenever that will be. I can guarantee on my end, I will definitely be smarter and better--with an updated website!

Stay in touch and stay healthy.